About our Pastors:

Pastor Bud Coffman

It’s always good to know the person you call your pastor.  A pastor is a shepherd who leads a flock to green pastures, still waters, and tables set for them in the presence of their enemies.

While it is a great responsibility to be shepherd, it is also a high privilege to serve both God and saints.  We believe God has a great plan for every believer, and we dedicate our time and treasures and talents to seeing that great plan fulfilled in every life.  We discover often while we do not have all the answers, that God is the answer to our greatest needs.  What qualifies us for ministry is in part, the great work that God has done in our lives.

As a young man, Pastor Bud Coffman found his life ruined by drugs, sex, crime and cults.  At age 20, God brought light, life, love and hope to a very needy life. Now, our past and His grace has equipped us to compassionately help people like you to find the same savior and this same joy!  His preaching & teaching ministry is relevant and practical to everyday life.

In addition to pastoring and serving alongside Pastor Bud, Pastor Dawn currently leads a thriving Women’s Ministry at EFC.  She truly wants women to reach their full potential in Christ.  She’s a guest speaker at Women’s Conferences and churches.  Pastor Dawn did not grow up in a Christian home but at age 14 was invited to church by a friend from school.  There she found the one thing that she had always dreamed of more than anything in the world; to have a Father.  God became just what He said He would, a father.  After accepting Jesus as her personal savior she began to share this Father God with all who would listen.

She speaks the Word of God plain and straight with a personal conviction and boldness that compels others to be set free.

Both Pastor Bud & Dawn have a great compassion and love for people.

They have served as pastors for over 34 years.  In March of 2010 the Lord directed them after pastoring in Medford, OR for 20 years to come to a new place, Salinas!  So they came with a vision for the souls of Monterey County!  To see lives transformed and those lives empowered to live their life with purpose, sharing God’s love with the world.


About Our Family:

Pastor Dawn Coffman

In addition to pastoring and serving alongside Pastor Bud, Pastor Dawn currently says:

We have been married for 38 wonderful years.  We both say “we are best friends”!  We believe that character qualifies a person to be used by God, so we value investing in our everyday Christian life…. to be the son & daughter that God can say, “well done” to.

We have been blessed with two of the greatest daughters in the world.  From the day they were born they only added to our ministry.  They were like 2 keys that God gave to us to use to unlock and build relationships with many.  We learned more in raising them than could ever have been read in a book.  Today Sandy is married to Joe, and Katy is still single (at this time).  All 3 are living life loud and serving God faithfully in New York City.  What more could parents ask for?  Oh yes…”A GRANDSON” — so the story continues.  Our first, JAC, Joseph Alexander-Gust Cole.  That little guy is our delight!  Grandpa’s smiles couldn’t be bigger as folks say, “he looks just like his grandpa!”  Keep telling him that…it goes over quite well.

The Personal Stuff:

My husband, Pastor Bud enjoys being with family, spoiling his girls & treating me, his wife, like a queen (I like that part!).  He takes his coffee with lots & lots of cream (the whole cow).  He relaxes by watching a good football/basketball game or the rodeo!  He is currently learning to perfect his golf swing – and finds it most rewarding.  Oh yes anyone that knows him knows he likes his hot dogs burnt crisp and he is known to be able to find all the best places to eat…anywhere he is!

For me, I love my donuts and I drink my coffee black (unless it is a Starbucks Vanilla Latte or my favorite Green Tea Lemonade).  My daughters and son in law remain one of my greatest joys.  Cooking for them, sending birthday packages and planning for visits with them will surely make my day!  (So do those phone calls that i do not get often enough!)

I relax and enjoy reading, taking drives and listening to the sound of the waves in Monterey & by watching the sun shinning down on the water.  (God did a great job with that ocean… you must try it one day for yourself!)

The gas in my tank is truly when I see the light go on in someone – they get it and they want to serve Jesus.


…That’s all folks…