EFC Staff


Ministry Assistant, Tony DeAnda

His job is to Assist the Pastor at EFC.  You will find him in many places attending to many things!  This includes; making contacts, visiting people at home and the hospitals, helping to arrange big events, helping to coordinate kids & youth events, working with IHEP and praying at the altars with people.

He has served the Lord and attended EFC for the past 10 years.  He is living proof that “a child shall lead them”, because his oldest daughter Alyssa, at age 5 told him, “Daddy I don’t want you to go to hell”.  He and his wife Kristi came to EFC gave their hearts to Jesus and have gone full speed ahead since that day in loving God and loving people.  He has worked in: Children’s Ministry, Little Friends Preschool, Youth Department and Young Adults.

He and his wife Kristi are the proud parents of 4 wonderful exciting children who are great assets to their parents ministry.

Words that describe him: Caring, kind, helpful, loyal and fun!  Always there for you!

Young Adults Class (YAC), Mark & Vickie Puskaric

Mark & Vickie are solid fixtures you could say at EFC.  They have attended and served the Lord in many capacities at EFC over the past 18  years.  They currently love serving the Young Adults by helping them to find their place in God and giving them tools to live life with purpose.  They meet weekly for teaching and also have fun activities on the calendar for the YACers!  These Young Adults are learning to apply God’s Word and to also be used of God.  They have taken what they have learned to the community by helping those with needs.

Words that describe them:

Him – Honest, Sensative, loving & extremely creative.  You never know what he will do to teach a lesson & make sure “they get it”.

Her – Wild & fun. Creative, loving and sensitive.  Faithful friend.  Still water runs deep.

Youth Pastors, Jason & Melissa Bowen

Jason and Melissa Bowen are the pround parents of 2 small children that keep them in shape! He is an accountant and she is a High School Spanish teacher.  God has blessed EFC with 2 people that love God and have great passion to see youth come to know Christ and live above the average for God.  They both attended Oral Roberts University and have been on ministry teams at several great churches.  They love EFC and give themselves weekly to be a part of the church and to create a very dynamic Youth Group that meets each Wednesday evening and has many special events outside of the church.

Words that describe them:

Him – Crazy, committed, unbelievable energy and strong character.

Her- Dynamic, compassionate & steady!

This TEAM is ready to take the country for God, and are examples of excellence.

Children’s Pastors, Larry & Tarrysa Torrance

Mr. & Mrs. Torrance are no strangers to Children’s Ministries in the Monterey County.  They have been involved for well over 20 years and have a proven ministry with children that comes with high recommendations.  Both of them are the “REAL DEAL”.  What you see is what you get!  They both are so committed to Kid’s Ministry and love Kids so they give 100+% to establishing the children in God’s Word and helping them have fun doing it! He uses his exuberance in storytelling and she is a gifted leader of worship for the kids.  Mr. Torrance is a High School teacher and Mrs. Torrance works in a doctors office.  These are two people that “make time for God and Kids”!  Some think they are crazy….They are right.  They are crazy about living for God and loving His people.

Words that describe them:

Him – Organized, exciting, theatrical (makes those lessons alive), totally committed and faithful.  You must attend one of his Teacher’s Training Meetings!

Her – Quiet (until you get to know her), consistent, full of ideas, and loving.  Wait till you taste her sugar cookies!

Church Secretary/Bookkeeper, Kristi DeAnda

Kristi is a delightful person to have in the church office.  Her smile is uplifting, her tone and steady atmosphere bring a joy to all that deal with her.  In the DNA of her life, at the core is that of a “servant.”  A true servant that serves from a heart of love for Jesus.  She has a spirit of “excellence” about her that is always reaching out to help others do their jobs well!

We could not mention Kristi without saying she is a wife, mother to 4+ children (their own and others that connect to them), and a (LOL) FANTASTIC cook!  Everything she makes or bakes is “yummy!”  Note: If you want to get on her good side, she loves Starbucks!  The DeAnda family is a jewel to E.F.C.  Dad, Mom and all four kids spend many hours loving God and the people at E.F.C.

Words that Describe Her: Faithful, dedicated, dependable, and loving!

Secretary, Barbara Hastings

Babara brings years of experience to the office.  She has been in full time ministry and served in many areas; pastor’s wife, secretary, and has inspired youth through the years.  She has a witty sense of humor and brings an element of “top notch” to her ministry in the office.  She is officially our Little Friends PreSchool Secretary but assists in the church office in many areas.

Words that Describe Her: Clean cut sharp dresser, funny, dependable, and an efficient team player.  The kids as well as the adults love to go see Ms. Barbara and her “candy jar!”



Little Friends Preschool Director, Johanna Ramos

Ms. Johanna is the Director of Little Friends Preschool.  Over the past five years she has been an excellent teacher and is now providing outstanding leadership overseeing and loving the Staff, Students, and Family members of the school.  She is a visionary leader reaching out to make learning not only fun but affective in the lives of each boy and girl.

Ms. Johanna is a wife and mother of two beautiful little girls that see her role as the School Director as an opportunity to put seeds of greatness into the students so we can all see a harvest of productive lives in our community from our students.