The Church With a Heart

We are here to equip and empower people to live balanced, successful, Christian lives.

We Value:

Relationships.  We value people connecting with people.  We will do this through church services, Bible Studies, Connect Groups, and activities that are ongoing.

Commitment.  We value a wholehearted effort in all we do.  We become what we are committed to.  Commitment is dependability, willingness and accountability.  We believe in contributing something back.  So you will find that Echoes From Calvary will be reaching out to help wherever the need is.

Excellence.  We value always giving our best in preparation, attitude, and in our outlook toward ministry, God and our church family and the whole Christ experience.

Relevance.  We value an approach to ministry that communicates God in such a way that everyone can understand.  This is reflected in every part of the church experience.

Balance.  We value true Christianity being displayed through a balanced life style.  Based on Luke 2:52, we see people developing emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially.